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RUFF is an ensemble of Northwest pet owners and outdoorsman who came together after struggling to find quality and environmentally conscious gear for their trips into the woods. Frustrated with the difference between descriptions and what was actually showing up at the door we decided to seek our own solution. From cheap products that fall apart, or materials with unknown additives, it was clear that we could help outdoor adventurers by taking out the guesswork. Thus, RUFF was formed. Our mission as a company is to offer quality, reusable, long lasting, and safe outdoor gear for all types of activities for both two and four legged companions alike. At RUFF, it will always be clear what you are getting. You can trust that the products are sturdy, reliable, and rigorously tested.

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Whether you’re going on a climb and need to minimize your load weight or just helping your four legged friend stay hydrated on a walk to the dog park, the BarkBowl is intended to fit all your needs.

It is safe for both humans and pets. It is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe for 1000 cycles. Easily cleanable with soap and water.

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