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  • 100% PLATINUM-CURED FOOD GRADE: Silicone Bowl is BPA Free, durable, tare resistant, microwave and freezer safe, perfect for dog food, cat food, pet supplies, and camping supplies
  • ROBUST CUSTOM DESIGN WITH NO PLASTIC RIM: is robust and larger than most small collapsible bowls on the market
  • 100% ECO-FRIENDLY: functions as a safe water bowl, travel cup, dog dish, cat dish
  • HEAT & COLD RESISTANT: 450F (232C) to -80F (-62C)

TheBarkBowl is a durable, light weight, and compact travel bowl for both Campers and Canines alike.

Whether you’re going on a climb and need to minimize your load weight or just helping your four legged friend stay hydrated on a walk to the dog park, the BarkBowl is intended to fit all your needs.

It is safe for both humans and pets. It is microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe for 1000 cycles. Easily cleanable with soap and water.

✓ We recommend washing with soap prior to first use. The BarkBowl is TSA compliant and great for ultralight backpacking!

✓ The Flat configuration (75mL, 2.5oz) is ideal for wet food and carrying the bowl. The Narrow configuration (400mL, 13.5oz) will hold one serving of dry food for a medium-sized dog.

✓ The Wide configuration (500mL, 17oz) will hold a bottle of water or a large serving of dry dog food. The Tall configuration (800mL, 27oz) will hold a full serving of food for an adult human.